Forbidden Fashion @ Bootleg

Design process for the upcoming Forbidden Fashion Benefit @ Bootleg Theater Th F S Dec 1 to Dec 17 Doors 7pm $20 more info:

A Black Line

A black line can make all of the difference to define a prop or puppet. Take a look at the photoset above… Can you see how much the black helps to define the full outline of our Quilted Pearl Klashnikov? In the top photo the line is not fully painted towards the barrel of the Klashnikov. In the two middle photos the line is added to more of the rifle. In the bottom photo it becomes complete… wow, that POPS!

See it live on stage at Bootleg Theater.

$20 Th,F,S Door 7pm CLOSES 12/17 more info and direct ticketing link here.

Mr.Mrs. Howard Seth Cohen and Tawny Featherston

photos by ashley west leonard

photos by ashley west leonard